Sammy Samford Lying To Those He Claims He Loves With All His Heart. Say It Isn’t So Sammy!

by smokinggun2012

Some of you may know Sammy Samford for his radio blog talk show and have listened since its beginning and have heard Sammy speak about his service as a Seal in Grenada and Iraq. At some point back in May someone checked on the information that is posted online (will be linked below) and confronted him with it..He denied it and said that a “Clint Cox” was the cause of it. Well I assure you I don’t know Clint Cox and can honestly say he had nothing to do with this research. In giving all my time trying to determine he was what he said a Seal (link below), I decided to contact the very people who could clear this up once and for all, the United States Navy. You will see from the letter posted that he “WAS NOT” a United States Seal. Believe me he could have cleared up the lie by just showing his discharge papers, but of course he didn’t have any. Also in addition he has told you all that he has terminal cancer, and talked about seeing the doctor and operations he was going to have which never happened. While I cant say for sure that he isn’t sick I can give you the link to the Chordoma A Foundation Facebook page where Sammy has made a comment you may find interesting, which by the way I have copied and pasted below. You may now realize why he didn’t seek treatment from the VA.

My question to you all is “if he lied about one thing could he be lying about other things”? For example money that was donated for his supposed “treatments” that was given out of the kindness of wonderful people, what was it really used for? Listeners who supported his show, who have not come back on, “Why Did They Leave”?

For someone who has claimed to be a patriot, he has disgraced the men and women who are fighting and have fought for this country period and Newt’s name. Now, you have a decision to make support him or not.