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by smokinggun2012

Chordoma Foundation shared a link. July 13, 2012
Did you know that the University of Virginia, University of Michigan, and Massachusetts General Hospital have a clinical trial open just for chordoma patients?

Combination Therapy Clinical Trial for Chordoma Patients
A Phase I clinical trial for chordoma patients will investigate a combination of two drugs: imatinib, also known as Gleevec, and an investigational agent called LBH589.

Rick Roberts i’m all too familiar with Gleevec. my partner took this for 4 months. You better have good insurance or seek assistance help since it’s $5,000.00 for a 30 day supply. This is a 2 years ago price. We were able to get finacial help through the makers of Gleevec. Gleevec is suppose to help stop the cancer in it’s tacks from continuing growing or help shrink the growth. Since this was two years ago, i would think there’s been much improvements with this drug. Posted on July 15 at 8:32am • Like

Chordoma Foundation Rick, thanks for sharing your experience. Glad you were able to get financial assistance. One advantage of this trial is that participants receive Gleevec at no cost! Posted on July 15 at 12:24pm • Like
Sam Samford ‎3 years and still alive
July 17 at 2:16am • Like

Sam Samford no treatment
July 17 at 2:17am • Like

It doesn’t sound like a man that truly wants treatment and see his grandchildren grow up now does it?