Want To Clear This All Up? Here’s Your Chance!

by smokinggun2012

It’s apparent a nerve has been struck, it usually does when someone that has lied for so long to so many people is exposed.  All of the letters and posts that are displayed are true and authentic. There’s no hocus pocus like what has been put out there by Sammy Samford.

There’s no attacks here, no threats, just the plain honest truth.

Sometimes the truth is very hard to accept, especially when you have been duped for so long by the story teller.

Newt Gingrich is a straight forward, full of integrity and honest man. If you truly support Newt, please come clean now. Do your part as a Constitutional Conservative and tell the people the truth. Stop having them blindly defend you and bare your soul. Tell the truth to all of your followers, make right with the Newt supporters and stop smearing his great name with your stories and lies.

Are you and your sheep so big headed to think that the Romney camp would waste their time on you?  You aren’t as big as you think you are. Step up and tell the truth. If you have nothing to hide, why close down your show?

Come clean and tell everyone that you have been bold face lying to them or post up your proof of discharge papers and the class you served. It’s not difficult to rebuttal this if it is all wrong. After all the letters are from the government themselves, the posts on other websites provided are by people that have access. Why would they lie?

Please if you can rebuttal any of this with your proof, then it will be accepted as such.  If not do the honorable thing and tell the people the truth.

If Newt Gingrich were to call your show again and ask you point blank for the proof, could you provide it to him?  If he asked you for your class number on the air, could you give it to him?

If the answer is yes, start your show by giving out the information as if Newt is on the line.