Why The Continued Lies? Why The Continued Deception?

by smokinggun2012

It’s amazing that when the truth was finally exposed, that now Sammy Samford is no longer going to do his show.  The FRAUD was exposed and the TRUTH has been put out there.

His supposed “FINAL” show was nothing more than a funeral.  The fake sadness, the lies and the deception continued.  It was truly amazing how smart educated people have had the wool pulled over their eyes.  Anyone that has nothing to hide and can support their claim as to being a seal and serving our country should be fighting back and providing the proof that would debunk any and all of what has been posted on this site.

Hiding behind his grand daughter is a sad way for a man to defend his position. No man, nor military member hides behind a baby girl. NO ONE!

Mitt Romney has been blamed, Mitt Romney supporters have been blamed, the RNC has been blamed, but the true blame lies with Sammy Samford.

Stop the lies, tell the truth, take your lumps and tell the people you have pulled the wool over the honest to God truth.

When you have your say before the good Lord and he says why Sammy? Why did you lie to these good people?  What are you going to say?

If you are going to spend every minute of your life with Jazzy Girl, then this is your final show. You can’t have a final show if you are going to do 1 or 2 shows a week or spend your money to do 2 shows per day.  So twit, be pissed off, continue to use people to fight your cause and stand for you. In the end you will be like all other frauds, truly forgotten.

Continue your lies, continue your deception. The truth has been put forth and once the blind can see past your deception, no one will be by your side.

You have no torch to pass, no one wants to continue carrying your lies.