Sammy Does Lying Make You Feel Good?

by smokinggun2012


Sammy when will you stop lying? Does it make you feel good that your blind followers don’t know the truth when it is front of them?  What is going to happen when they find out that what has been posted is the truth?  What will happen when your minions stop calling, stop listening, stop believing?

You use their love and support of Newt Gingrich to make yourself out to be a saint, when you know you’re not. You weren’t a seal and you know it. So come clean Sammy.

If you are truly a Constitutional Conservative and believe in Newt with all your heart, simply tell the truth.

What is going to happen when the truth is presented to Newt?  It’s on it’s way to him now. What then Sammy?  Are you going to lie to Newt?

You wanted a pity party, an oh woe is me party, a last respect, a funeral, a final show and it wasn’t the final show. You just wanted to hear people praise you and talk good of you as you know you are crumbling, the pressure is mounting and the truth has been exposed.

No one has threatened your life or your family. You use that along with little jazzy girl and your illness for support.

What man would spend his last dying days doing a blog talk radio show?


They would be spending it with family, friends and doing what they have always wanted to do in life.

Sammy it’s time for you to tell the truth, it may hurt to do so, but in the end it’s better for the truth to be known and for people to have empathy for you than die and people realize the truth an then  have nothing but hatred.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock