The Liar Finally Tells The TRUTH

by smokinggun2012

Sam Samford FINALLY Tells the TRUTH

Click the above link to see the TRUTH REVEALED.

Fox 30 in Jacksonville, Florida confirm what we’ve been telling you all along. Sam Samford is not a Navy Seal, has lied to everyone through his teeth and finally told the TRUTH for once.

He never received death threats, he lied to all of you about this, he lied about everything. Now you know why he talked trash about the VA Hospital and know why he hated everyone that questioned him on his Seal Training.

Do we feel bad for Sammy, YES.  Any human being that has to lie to so many and make themselves into something they are not has serious mental issues.

REAL MEN AND WOMEN risk their lives every day for this country and to have this man lie countless times is outright disgusting, despicable and beyond comprehension.

Kudos to Fox 30 for exposing this fraud.

All of you that said we were out to get Sammy, we were communists, all that doubted us. We told you… we would tell you so.

For the record…..  WE TOLD YOU SO.